Lansing Michigan Boudoir Photos

“I’m the biggest encourager for other women to embrace themselves. This photoshoot will give me a chance to be vulnerable in a safe space.” -T

Lansing Michigan Boudoir Photos

“I am a woman who has experienced abuse and rape. These traumatic experiences have made me feel embarrassed and ashamed. Now I am happily married, but having been raped by my abuser, I still struggle to embrace the beauty of my body that my husband adores.”

Lansing Michigan Boudoir Photos

“I moved to Michigan from North Carolina in 2011 to attend Thomas M. Cooley Law School, and I am proud to say I persevered and graduated in 2015! That is when I started my non-profit, Voices of Color! My heart and passion is helping and serving other victim’s and survivors of domestic violence. I spend my days advocating for and empowering survivors to show them there is life after abuse.”

The mission of Voices of Color is “to educate and prevent domestic violence for all races, ages, sexual orientations, religions, and genders, and actively work toward restoring self empowerment for victims and survivors,” (Voices of Color). For more information about Voices of Color, check out their website at! From there, you can see why the non-profit was created, see the signs of abuse, register and volunteer for events, and donate to their cause!

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