Boudoir Photographer-Lansing Michigan

“I enjoy feeling sexy and expressing my confidence and love for my body.” -L

Lansing Michigan Boudoir Photographer

“I would be incredibly honored to be a part of a boudoir celebration for curly headed women. There needs to be more curly headed love and positivity in this world! For someone who used to be called different, and at times, ugly because of their hair, this would mean the world!” –L

Lansing Michigan Boudoir Photographer

L, you are absolutely right that the world needs to show more love and positivity for curly headed women! Curls are natural and beautiful and you totally rock them! Working with you was such a positive and uplifting experience! I can tell you bring that positive energy with you every where you go! Your photos turned out beautifully and I hope they are everything you wanted!

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