Lansing Michigan Boudoir Session

“In trying to be strong and make sure everyone else is taken care of, I have become numb to the fact that I am a beautiful, sexy woman.” -M

Lansing Michigan boudoir session

“A few years ago I had bariatric surgery and I lost over 100 pounds! I felt better than I had in a very very long time. I have gained 40 pounds of that back, and I am so angry at myself because I went to the extreme of having surgery to help with my weight loss, which I do not regret. However, it is frustrating.” -M

Lansing Michigan boudoir session

“Back in October I lost my husband Dan. He had a massive heart attack on his way to work. It has been a devastating loss.” -M

Lansing Michigan boudoir session

“I have lost a wonderful partner, lover, and friend. But, also lost the person, woman, I was along with him. I have recreated myself a few times in my life. But this is so much different.” -M

Lansing Michigan boudoir session

“I need to reclaim who I am by myself. This will help me immeasurably in that regard.” -M

Rebecca Houlihan boudoir photography

M, allow this this is your reminder that you are STRONG, BEAUTIFUL, and oh so WORTHY. You deserve to feel confident in everything that you do and I am so grateful I had to opportunity to do this photoshoot with you and give you that self esteem you were looking for! I hope you look at these photos every time you need that extra boost of confidence and remind yourself of how amazing you are!

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