{Installation Highlight} Your Portrait Journey

Having your portraits taken by us is a truly a special occasion.  Anyone who meets us knows we aren’t a typical “photography studio”, but more of a portrait art studio.  We take our time to work with you and create heirlooms that you can, and will, love forever.  We cannot say enough how incredibly heartwarming it is to see our clients in love with the memories we’ve helped them create. Read on to learn a bit about your journey with us.

There are multiple ways we partner up with you to make sure your journey with us is as enjoyable and as rewarding as possible.  We take a lot of time planning out every detail, from where your session will take place, to what posing is appropriate for your body type, to discussing clothing in depth, and much much more.  Everyone who calls to schedule portraits with us is invited in for a consultation first, during which time, we will schedule your session.

Another huge way we assist you is by taking images of your walls (or you’re welcome to email images to us), then, at your private ordering appointment, we’ll digitally place your portraits directly onto your walls.  Every single portrait we show on your wall will be exactly to scale.  Having this feature for you is incredibly helpful for choosing wall art.  It enables you to easily see what art fits and what doesn’t, what orientations you love most, and what style gallery compliments your space.  Another helpful benefit is frame selection is made simpler because you can see what style best fits your portrait and decor.  Or, you can forgo a frame and choose a beautiful, modern canvas wrap instead.  You won’t leave our studio without knowing exactly what you’re getting and where it will be displayed in your home.

Your portraits are meant to be enjoyed, so the last thing we want is for you to take your portraits home and not put them on display.  A unique service we love to provide is a complimentary installation of your wall galleries and individual, finished, portrait art pieces.    We take great care making sure galleries are hung with proper spacing and the correct hardware is used to keep your artwork in place.  When your art has arrived at our studio, we’ll contact you to schedule your installation.  

View a recent gallery installation below!

We do more than take your picture. We tell your story.

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(Senior Portraits / Family, Newborn, and Maternity)


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