Charlotte, Michigan Senior Portraits in MSU gardens and the forest in Lansing {Maddy}

I knew when I met Maddy for the first time at her senior portrait consult, she was going to be great.  Honestly, working with a girl who shows large animals in the fair?!  What’s better?  lol.  Can you tell I grew up on a farm?

We actually split her session into two so she could have two seasons and two different hair and makeup looks.  Maddy’s mom wanted to make sure her session was special for her and celebrate this time in Maddy’s life.  I couldn’t agree more!  I don’t have a senior in high school, but when I do, you can bet I’ll be making this time special and will have an abundance of memories to look back on.

What has better “lasting power” than well thought out, carried out, and completed senior portrait memories (or any special portrait memories for that matter)?  I can assure you they will when we create portrait memories, they will last for you.  We will settle for nothing less than beautiful, heirloom quality in our products.

I just love these summery portraits of Maddy!  She brought such pretty outfits and Amber did a phenomenal job giving her an effortless, natural glam look.

I loved helping Maddy pose in fun and attractive ways to bring out all her best features (which, lets face it, was everything about her!).  But seriously, we went all over the place and no matter where we were, and what poses we worked out, she always looked perfect.

I’m so happy Maddy and her family have these amazing memories forever.


Once autumn came around, we headed out to a shadier spot and took some portraits with the leaves, the trees, and the meadow.  Plus, Maddy cut several inches off her hair so her look was totally new!  Thanks, Amber, for the pretty hair and makeup once again which was perfect for Maddy and her setting!

Maddy wanted to surprise her mom with a special photo where we included some special items from her past, and a deeply loved and missed family member.  We had to sneak this when mom wasn’t looking, but we totally pulled it off.  We sent mom off on a task to clean up Maddy’s stuff we’d left in another spot, and wallah… I love how it turned out.

I so wish I’d taken photos of Maddy’s portrait art and album, but alas, I got too excited to send them home with her and forgot.  I kinda do that a lot.  I’m just happy Maddy’s family has these memories of her forever.  To me, there is nothing more special than my loved ones and I’d rather invest in a lifelong memory like these portraits will be for Maddy, than material things that loose value and are eventually tossed.  Clearly, Maddy’s family feels the same and I love them for it.