Investment and Experience – Senior Portraits


Senior portraits happen once and we believe in doing them right.

Our goal is for our seniors to have an excellent time and embrace who they are for their entire session with us. We encourage our seniors to dress in a way that makes them feel best (with parental approval, of course!) and incorporate their interests and activities. Locations and posing are also catered toward their individuality. We are very interested in each senior and give them our full attention which enables us to capture them in a way that tells their story through each and every photo. We want our seniors to walk away feeling amazing and confident and for their parents to have art that captures their child’s personality forever.

We are members of the PPA (Professional Photographers of America) and are known for exceeding expectations and giving a senior portrait experience above and beyond what you can expect from anyone else in the Greater Lansing area.


At Rebecca Houlihan Photography, we offer several session options to fit your style and desires:

Choose from our Realist Sessions which give you the perfect memories of exactly who your senior is at this moment by capturing their expressions, activities and style in a way that is truly unique and special to you.

Choose from our Conceptual Sessions which take their portraits up a notch and make for an incredible one-of-a-kind creative experience with image results unlike any others you’ve seen anywhere.  Choose this session by itself, or add it on to any Realist Session.

Read Below to find the sessions that will capture your senior in ways you will love for your memories!


(Read below for detailed descriptions and photos)


The ULTIMATE senior portrait experience where we spend a total of 3 hours capturing YOU! Choose from three fantastic options for your EPIC session.

Choose your favorite EPIC session below:


Have a magazine model style shoot where we photograph you for three hours straight! We can hang around the Lansing area and visit multiple locations for your shoot, or we can head out of town to anywhere your heart desires!
Bring as many outfits as you want! Bring all your activities and hobbies to incorporate into your shoot!



Get glammed up two totally different ways when you choose to split your three hours into 1.5 hours on two totally different days! OR, if you’re a guy, have a sports day where we capture you with all your gear out on the field one day, and go to the city or the park on a different day!
Bring tons of outfits, and whatever props you want to this shoot!



Get photographed in EVERY season by splitting your three hours into 4 45 minute shoots! We’ll photograph you in the freshness of spring, beauty of summer, fallen leaves in fall, and snow and ice in the winter!
We can fit about 2-3 outfits per 45 minute shoot!

Professional makeup and hair can be added onto any session for an additional $100.

Add sunset to one of your sessions for $75 and we will stay out late to capture the setting sun on the horizon behind you!

Seniors who experience the EPIC session are generally presented with a minimum of 75 beautiful portraits to choose from and always take home an album as well as wall art in the form of a wall gallery or collage.

Fill out our GUEST FORM for $250 off your EPIC session!

Both Hannah and Natalia chose the EPIC session for an amazing experience and tons of pictures for their albums and wall art.  Both had professional hair and makeup done two different ways for ultimate variety. 




Not as epic as THE EPIC, but still amazing! THE ELITE takes place all in one day. We’ll have time to go somewhere amazing like the beach, out of town, or even to two different locations! This is the perfect session for you if you would like to have casual photos but also want to visit the sports field, dance studio, or another cool spot! You could even split your session to be part studio and part on-location if you would like! We’ll be able to photograph you in anywhere from 6-8 outfits during this time. Be sure to bring all your accessories, shoes, and anything else that helps define and capture who you are, to this session.

Ladies, don’t forget to add on professional makeup and hair to this session ($100).
Add sunset for $75 and we will stay out late to capture the setting sun on the horizon behind you!

Seniors who experience the ELITE session are generally presented with a minimum of 40 beautiful portraits to choose from and always take home an heirloom such as an album or wall art, and frequently choose both.

Fill out our GUEST FORM for $250 off your ELITE session!

Both Hunter and Christina chose the ELITE session and split their time between two separate locations.  They both had a great variety and beautiful portraits for their albums and wall art. Christina also chose to be pampered at the salon before her session for that flawless look necessary for portraits. 




This session is perfect for those who want their senior pictures to be completely amazing, but don’t need all the extra time for incorporating hobbies and sports. Bring yourself and all your favorite clothes and we’ll head to a unique, fun location and get amazing portraits for you! OR, you may choose to have your session in studio if you prefer! We’ll have time for 3-4 outfits and to get a lot of variety for you!

Ladies, don’t forget to add on professional makeup and hair to this session ($100).
Add sunset for $75 and we will stay out late to capture the setting sun on the horizon behind you!

Seniors who experience the ESSENTIAL session are generally presented with a minimum of 20 beautiful portraits to choose from and parents frequently choose to take home one of our beautiful heirlooms such as an album or wall art for their memories. Parents should anticipate a minimum investment of $800.

Fill out our GUEST FORM for a complimentary ESSENTIAL session ($250 value)!

Both Imani and Kolin chose the ESSENTIAL session.  We gave both a significant variety for designing collages and albums for their memories. Imani also had professional hair and makeup prior to her session.




(Read below for detailed descriptions and photos.  Complimentary Session Certificate does not apply to Conceptual Sessions.)


Embrace literally every single creative, fun, crazy, and zany quality about you (or not about you…  lol) with this session.  The Conceptual Session is THE most fun pretty much ever!  Plan out a session theme with us, create your own wardrobe, OR just tell us to surprise you.   Hair and makeup is included and will take place at the studio. This is the perfect session for you if you want to do something truly fun and unique with your senior portraits!  Do this session only, or add it on to a Realist Session (will take place on a separate day). We’ll plan out the perfect location to compliment your theme.  Plan on 3-4 hours for hair and makeup, then we’ll spend an entire hour taking amazing portraits of you, posing you, incorporating props, if needed, and just creating one-of-a-kind art for your forever memories.  Give us a call!  We’re dying to plan out your Conceptual Session!


For Alexis, Alicia, and Shannon’s Couture Sessions we designed their entire outfit, hair, makeup, and chose their locations and props.  They had NO idea what we were doing, beyond what seasons we were planning for.  When they showed up for their sessions, we surprised them and they LOVED it!




Don’t want to go all out, but still want to have a ridiculously fun time being creative and unique?  The session is for you.  Makeup is included so plan an extra 1-2 hours for that, then we’ll spend 30 minutes in the studio together taking portraits focused on your fun, creative makeup through headshots and partial body photos.  We have TONS of fun colored backdrops so there will be no problem whatsoever adding to the fun with one of those behind you.  Schedule a planning appointment with us and we’ll get together and make fabulous plans!



Take home your memories.

We have something for everyone at Rebecca Houlihan Photography! We will help you create your own custom collection to give you the very best savings. We love to include a complimentary frame, or a canvas wrap upgrade for some wall art. When you choose us, we know you want something very special and a step above so we offer many specialty options for you as well, such as panels, collages, cards, and our most popular item for seniors, albums. All of our portraits are retouched to perfection, and everything larger than a wallet is dry-mounted on art board and finished with a protective coating.
Fill out our GUEST FORM for a complimentary Realist senior portrait session ($250 Value) with Rebecca Houlihan Photography.

Monday-Friday 10am-6pm