What Do I Wear For a Boudoir Session? {Michigan Photographer}

All of our clients wonder what they should wear for their boudoir session. One of the amazing perks about working with Rebecca Houlihan Photography is our incredible Client Wardrobe. 

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Our Client Wardrobe contains 150+ pieces and a huge variety of sizes ranging from XS to plus. We have a variety of styles available like bodysuits, 2 and 3 piece sets, corsets, robes, and bustiers. If you’re not sure what some of those things are (I get it, before I was a boudoir photographer I had NO IDEA what a bustier was), Google it! There are so many different styles and cuts of lingerie available out there and we try to showcase items to fit and flatter all body types and accent different styles and personalities. Also in the Client Wardrobe is a variety of harnesses and body jewelry including necklaces, pearls, and body chains, as well as fishnets, tall gloves, and even a top hat! 

We keep our Client Wardrobe clean and sanitary by requiring all of our clients to provide and wear their own thongs underneath all of our items, in addition to laundering or dry cleaning each item between every single use. 

Not sure about using the Client Wardrobe? That’s OK! Some clients decide to shop around for lingerie to bring with them on the day of their shoot. Totally fine! If you do purchase or bring your own, we suggest avoiding the babydoll style nighties or anything ill-fitting. When it comes to color, be yourself! We are big advocates of our clients expressing themselves! 

Our clients wear anywhere from 2-6 outfits and I will say that it is important you bring more items than you actually think you might wear. That way, we have options to select from and can utilize the absolute best ones. People tend to gravitate toward things which are either too much coverage or slightly too large (especially when selecting corsets) because our natural tendency is to cover up when we don’t feel confident. Those types of items are not what will photograph the best. The lighting and posing we use will capture your best self, best side, and best figure and rather than accentuating the beautiful parts of you, covering yourself up too much will just hide what we do want to see and make you look bulky.

Like I said above, bring more than you think you’ll wear, make sure it all fits, and we’ll be just fine creating an amazing session for you!

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xo, Rebecca

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