Okemos High School Senior Pictures {Holt MI Portrait Photographer}

People always want to know if they can incorporate their sports and even go to the field for their senior pictures.  The answer is YES!  I love making your senior portraits as authentic as possible!  Tyler’s turned out amazing and yours will too!

senior pictures okemos high school photographer baseball field

Before Tyler’s sports photos we hung out in the park for some casual senior portraits.  He even brought his dog, which I loved of course.  If you know me, you know I want you to bring ALLLLL of your pets along.  haha

senior guy Okemos high school pictures in the woods

senior pictures lansing michigan portrait artist

Here are Tyler’s collages his family designed, with Kelly’s help, and took home to hang on the walls.  Even when Tyler’s not physically at home, they’ll still get to enjoy seeing his face every single day.  🙂senior pictures gallery canvas wraps and art collages in michigan