Family Portraits in the Fall by Lansing, MI Photographer

Meet one of my favorite families from our last fall season of portraits.  They wanted a fall feel so we visited a nearby local park.  It was a windy day, but with the tree cover we had, you would have never known it.  Their family portraits turned out amazing, but I didn’t expect anything less because they were wonderful to pose, hang out with, and photograph, not to mention, they did a fantastic job coordinating the colors of their outfits.  Kelly helped design a canvas wall gallery of their favorites to display in their home and I have no doubt they’ll cherish these for the rest of their lives.  Thank you so much to this beautiful family for having me as their portrait artist for these special memories in their lives.  <3

family pictures holt Michigan portrait photographer

family portraits in the fall in Lansing Michigan

Love maple syrup?  This family makes it!  Reach out to Casper’s Sugarwoods in Mason, MI!

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