Lansing Michigan Senior Photographer

“The most important thing is this: To be able at any moment, to sacrifice what you are, for what you will become!” -Eric Thomas

Lansing Michigan Senior Portraits

Tave has had a very fulfilling high school career and has put in a lot of hard work and determination towards his future! By taking College courses while still in High School, Tave received his High School Diploma and an Associates Degree upon graduation! Tave was also one of the first High School/College students to be on the Jackson College Foundation Board! How cool is that?!

Lansing Michigan Senior Portraits

Tave has kept himself very busy in High School by taking College courses, working an essential job, playing tennis recreationally, and mentoring kids!

Lansing Michigan Senior Portraits

Although Tave’s time in High School was successful, he is looking forward to his future! Tave is planning to continue through College and pursue his Bachelor of Arts Degree!

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