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“Rebecca was a dream to work with! I chose to do a boudoir shoot because for so long I thought certain things on my body were not pretty. I have finally came to the conclusion that they are beautiful and I am who I am. This shoot allowed me to truly see those insecurities for the beauty they are.”

lansing michigan boudoir photography
boudoir portraits for women in michigan

“A’s” journey to self love and acceptance has had its ups and downs. When she initially reached out to me, she described having dealt with feelings of sadness and loneliness during her college years. She’d always felt she was large in size, a quality that limited her wardrobe and activities. Her struggles with anxiety and depression were affecting her relationship and body image, eventually resulting in body dysmorphia.

It wasn’t until “A” was thinking about her future as a mother that she realized she needed to change the narrative. She wants to be someone her babies can look up to. That was when she made a conscious choice to turn all her negatives into positives. She has thick thighs because they are strong and powerful. She has wide hips to help her grow the children she will one day have. etc…

I see “A’s” boudoir session as a celebration of not only how far she’s come, but also a celebration of the journey. She didn’t wave her hand and wake up a whole new person one day. She has put in the hard work every. single. day. to find the beauty within her imperfections and love herself.

A- I loved getting to know you and working with you to create beautiful portraits for your memories. Thank you for taking the time to share your story with your images. <3

boudoir photographer lansing michigan

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