Lansing Michigan Boudoir

“Women will change the world.”

Lansing Boudoir Photography

“I am a 43-year old, married mother of three beautiful daughters. Over the past 18 months, I have gradually been working to embrace body positivity, and genuine self-acceptance. I have also been examining feminist view points, specifically those that point to diet culture and the fashion industry being primarily established by men, for men’s benefit.” -H

Lansing Boudoir Photography

“I have started recognizing and owning my role as a matriarch in my family. I’m striving to honor my sovereignty and power as a woman, and use my authentic self to fulfill God’s will for my life.” -H

Lansing Boudoir Photography

“Participating in the Body Love Project would be another step in my journey toward self-acceptance and “making friends” with my body. My goal from this, is to internalize these values so authentically, that they will instilled in my daughters.” -H

Rebecca Houlihan Lansing Boudoir Session

“It would be an honor to be involved in a project such as this one, that has the potential to lift up other women.” -H

Rebecca Houlihan Boudoir Session

H, you are seriously incredible. Your personality and strong values shine through these photos and I hope they remind you everyday of the amazing woman you are.

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