Lansing Michigan Boudoir


Lansing Michigan Boudoir Photography

“I recently had a second baby 19 months after my first born. I’ve always been self conscious, but after having two babies so close together, my new body is something I should celebrate. Especially after it did such an amazing thing. I’m just not in love with myself like I used to be.” -H

Lansing Michigan Boudoir Photography Session
Lansing Michigan Boudoir Session by Rebecca Houlihan

“I would like to be a good body positive image for both of my girls, but it’s hard when I don’t see or feel it myself. It would be amazing to see myself in that way, and feel good about my body again!” -H

Boudoir Photography by Rebecca Houlihan
Boudoir Photography Session

H, you were such a gem to work with! You are absolutely stunning and I hope these photos helped you embrace everything that you are and allowed you to become that body positive image for your little girls!

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