{Joseph} Senior Portrait Session

Joseph was one of the most pleasant and respectful high school senior men I’ve had the pleasure to photograph. It’s so rare to have a photo shoot that isn’t a resounding success and yet every time I get to meet these new young men and women it makes me proud to do what I do. Joseph always made sure to shake my hand every time we would meet.

As great as Joseph is, his mom deserves the world for bringing up such a gracious man! I meet so many parents and it’s easy to tell the parenting styles apart by seeing how the sons and daughters act. It goes to show how strong an effect you can have on peers by simply being polite and courteous!

Joseph and I worked together to come up with great ideas for his portraits. Thinking of props to use, we thought about his grandpa’s classic muscle car. His grandpa was so gracious to drive the car and meet us anywhere we wanted to photograph.

I loved capturing these forever memories for Joseph and his family. I always think about how these images will impact families years from now and know these portraits and memories will hold such a deep place in their hearts for the rest of their lives.