Boudoir: To Tan or Not To Tan? {Michigan Photographer}

We get asked a lot of questions regarding prepping for your Boudoir session, and one we want to explain specifically is whether to tan or not to tan. For us, the answer is simple and it may actually surprise you. 

The answer is absolutely NOT! 

The reason is that we have really nice lighting in the studio, and a fake tan can tend to make your skin look very orange, and no one wants that! Even the best of the best spray tans or tanning lotions can cause some wacky skin tones in the camera, not to mention uneven color on your hands, feet, knees and elbows. Unless you want to run the risk of looking like a cast member of Willy Wonka, we say skip the fake tans.

We have also had issues in the past where women who get spray tans too close to their session and end up staining our furniture and lingerie in the Client Wardrobe that we spend a lot of time and money on – and of course those stains don’t come out! 

We don’t want to potentially have to reschedule your session because your skin tone is off. We get it – you want to look like a bronzed beauty for your shoot, but in reality, your pasty skin will look much more natural and beautiful without the fake tan! You can trust us on this one. 

This advice goes for tanning beds too! Something we notice all the time with clients who’ve tanned recently, or spent time in the sun, is their undertone in the camera can come across as very red. This means, your final images will also have the reddish tint in them. We recommend just staying away from all tanning beds or sun-bathing within the week of your session! Tan lines are inevitable in the summer time and most people don’t mind them, but nobody wants their skin coming across as red in all their images.

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xo, Rebecca 

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