Boudoir Photography – Lansing Michigan

“I am working on on learning to love myself again.” -M

Lansing Michigan boudoir photography

“I have devoted my life to my kids and my husband while pushing myself aside and forgetting who I am, which means that I have struggled with body acceptance for a long time. I am working on loving all of me! Every curve, stretch mark, roll, and wrinkle because deserve to be happy and I deserve love.” -M

Lansing Michigan boudoir photography

“I’m most proud of being a mom. Matter of fact, its my greatest accomplishment. However, that means, for 18 years, I’ve taken a backseat. I love being a mom with all my heart, but I haven’t learned how to make me a priority and figure out how to find myself. I have an 18 year old daughter who I have seemed to teach how to do this, so I want to show her I can do the same too!” -M

Lansing Michigan boudoir photography

“I would like to gift myself something that will boost my confidence and help me work on loving me again.” -M

M, thank you for trusting me with this experience! I am so in love with how these photos turned out and I hope you are too! You absolutely deserve to feel happy and loved! Don’t ever forget it!

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