Boudoir Photography Lansing Michigan

“Make yourself a priority.”

Rebecca Houlihan Photography Session
Lansing Michigan Boudoir Session
Lansing Michigan Boudoir Photography Session

“I just recently became a single mother to my almost 4 year old son. I also bought my first house during a pandemic in order to leave a 6 year toxic relationship. I had my son almost 4 years ago and his birth was a very traumatic experience. There were complications during labor and he almost died. He spent a long 8 days in the NICU, which were the scariest of my entire life. I then found myself as the sole provider to my son and spent the last 4 years trying to heal from the trauma and guilt. I did not love myself and definitely did not have self confidence.” -E

Rebecca Houlihan Boudoir Photography Session
Boudoir Photography Session
Rebecca Houlihan Photography

“At 36 I am slowly beginning to heal and regain that woman I lost. For me, this session would reignite who I am and would be such a wonderful experience.” -E

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