Beauty and Branding Portraits

We often take family portraits, and of course always remember to make time for portraits of our children, but what about just you? When was the last time you posed for a portrait, solo? Maybe your own senior portraits? Think of those old photos you see of your grandparents when they were younger. It always seems like they had new portraits of just them, all glammed up. I love that old tradition and want to see it come back full swing. In such a busy world, we forget to press pause and take in our own beauty and often don’t give ourselves enough credit or confidence to do it alone. Beauty and Branding Portraits are to capture exactly what it is that make you, YOU!

Whether you are looking for stylish new branding photos to portray not only a first impression, but what you stand for as a brand, or if you are simply feeling proud and confident, I want to help tell your story! Contact me to learn more about the special I am offering for branding sessions and get yours scheduled!

Here are some highlights of past  Beauty and Branding Portraits. They are all so different from each other, but each one so amazing.