Tori’s Boudoir Session Review

Your self-worth is determined by you. You don’t have to depend on someone to tell you who you are.


Tori came in just as nervous as every client that walks into my studio. She wasn’t sure what to wear and definitely wanted help and guidance with posing. As with all sessions, we picked out all the best outfits (she had so many amazing ones!) and we got right to work, working our way through various backdrops and props and posing.

Tori had concerns that she was maybe kind of awkward but I didn’t pick up on that at all. The people who think they’re the most awkward are usually the least. lol. We had so much fun and I really felt her session was amazing!

She’d just had her hair died vibrant red and I was obsessed with how good it looked, along with the makeup her makeup artist chose, and the outfits Tori brought. Everything was so perfectly complimentary. Her session included the Bone Throne, thank goodness because that was literally the PERFECT prop for her. I mean, how epic does that look with her fishnets?! I can’t even.

I demonstrated every single pose for her and she pretty much copied me like a pro! She made these poses look fire, imo. I’m sure you agree as you’re seeing her images!

Her viewing was a lot of fun and I absolutely loved creating her album for her! Having to wait for everything to come in from the lab so she could pick it up was like torture for both of us! I know she’s enjoying the heck out of it now that it’s in her hands!

If you think you’re awkward and are worried about your boudoir session, I promise you’re in good hands just like Tori was. Give me a call at 517.575.7339 or set up a time to talk here!

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