{Langeland Family} Life Long Memories

Our goal when photographing families is to get gorgeous, wall-worthy portraits that can be displayed as artwork in their home. We want a photo that has clients saying “this is us!” I totally love that this family made sure to include their dogs for their portraits because as far as I am concerned, pets are definitely our family! As these kiddos grow up and move out of the house, their parents will be able to enjoy their faces and this memory at this exact point in time forever. That is one of the big reasons I put so much emphasis behind the investment of portraits, whether that is a family portrait or senior portrait. It is so much more than a photograph. My favorite part about wall art is the way it greets you every single day. It serves as a reminder of the beautiful memories you’ve created with the most important people in your life! You never need electricity or the internet to be able to enjoy it, and it never goes obsolete or expires – which is a very rare find these days! I love knowing I am able to provide the families I get to work with something so special.

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