Family Portrait Studio, Michigan Photographer

Time sure does fly, and when this mama called me to book a session with her three girls, that was the driving force behind creating these memories. I was honored to capture these moments, not only for mom, but also for her three girls. When they grow up and move away, they’ll always have these portraits as a reminder of their special mom who helped them grow and become the women they were meant to be. There is no doubt in my mind they will be wonderful people because they have an outstanding mom setting an excellent example.

family portrait artist Lansing MI
What’s cool is I used to work with mom in Charlotte and I have watched these girls grow up. I held the youngest and when she was just a newborn. I love it when people from my previous career come to see me for their portrait memories. It’s truly an amazing feeling.

When was your last “mom and me” session? If it’s been a while, don’t put it off anymore; you never know what tomorrow will bring. We love helping you plan the perfect session to capture memories for you to love forever.

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