Brad Millican: Shaheen Chevrolet Business Elite Program

I recently met up with Brad from Shaheen Chevrolet to chat.  I learned a lot about his position and expertise!   Brad is a helpful guy who really cares about his customers.  Read on to learn about the Business Elite program he runs for fleet and commercial and how he can help you within your business.



Me: How long have you worked for Shaheen?

Brad: Three years


Me: Describe your position.

Brad: I started as a porter cleaning and moving cars around, then worked my way up through six positions in two years to become the fleet and commercial representative for Shaheen.


Me: How does Shaheen Chevrolet differ from other car companies?

Brad: Everything we do revolves around the customer experience.


Me: What are all the services Shaheen offers?

Brad:  We offer the ultimate automotive experience: everything from purchasing, leasing, servicing, and maintaining.  I run the Business Elite Program which is a tailored program for businesses only.  I maintain the lowest cost possible for business vehicles and offer more than what a normal dealer offers.



Me: In what specific ways do you help people?

Brad: I work side by side with business owners to help acquire service and cut costs for their fleet.  I am their personal representative to help with any questions or needs whatsoever.


Me: When someone inquires regarding the Business Elite Program, what should they expect in the initial conversation?

Brad: First, we’ll discuss their business and their fleet to dissect what makes their business run and what their strengths and weaknesses are so we can formulate a plan forth.  I ask as many questions as possible to tailor their program specifically to them.


Me: What is the next step for your customer, after the initial consult?

Brad: We proceed with building their program and what solutions it presents for them, come to an agreement, and create a plan for going forward.



Me: Upon completion of their purchase, what ways does Shaheen maintain the relationship with the clients and ensure the product is performing as anticipated?

Brad: Once the program starts, we set up follow up meetings in the frequency they desire to discuss how things are going, as well as address concerns and questions.


Me: What are the best questions people can ask when searching for your product?

Brad: 1) How can a representative for GM help me?  2) When can we start?  It is important they be open to being helped and creating solutions.


Me: How can people contact you and when?

Brad: Anytime at 517-272-6561.  Facebook