Amber {Branding Portraits for a Beauty Guru}

This is Amber! She is our beloved hair and makeup artist who we often mention because she helps our clients look extra amazing before their sessions.

It was Ambers turn to be in front of the camera. She was in need up some updated images for her branding, so she came in for a studio session where we worked together to capture some gorgeous portraits, not only for her to use in branding herself but also for her own memories.

Branding is such an important aspect of being a business owner because it is truly your first impression. Before any kind of working relationship can take place, we must make a connection with clients because that connection can form a relationship on a more personal level, which ultimately leads to loyalty and trust.

I loved being able to create these images for Amber to use as she progresses in her career in cosmetology. These portraits truly reflect her personal style, her beauty, and her talent.

If you are ready to give your branding the attention it deserves, contact us today. Together we will create portraits that will make a lasting first impression!

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