Casey | Grand Ledge High School

Senior Pictures Lansing | Grand Ledge MI

Where do I start? Rebecca Houlihan is absolutely the best photographer around. At first i was quite nervous for my senior pictures because I’m really indecisive and had no idea what/where to have them taken. However, when working with Rebecca she really gets to know her clients and learns exactly what they want. And this is what she did for me. She knew I love being different and out there. So, for my senior pictures she did a wonderful job accomplishing exactly what I was looking for. She will travel with you, is outgoing, easy to talk to, has great ideas for poses, is patient, and makes sure her clients are more than satisfied with their pictures. Not only does she do great pictures, but she sets up a makeup & hair artist that are both amazing too. Thank you for much for making my senior pictures and making sure their exactly what I wanted them to be like. You’re the best!    -Casey Dixon, Grand Ledge MI

Senior Portraits Lansing Grand Ledge Holt MI

Thank you, Rebecca Houlihan, for making Casey Dixon’s Senior Pictures so much fun. Not only for her, but for her family & friends as well. Getting her hair & makeup done for the 1st photo shoot made her feel like a professional model. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making us feel comfortable and being so organized through this entire process. We like that you like different. Different is exactly what we are looking for.
Can’t wait to show off Casey’s Senior Pictures.
-Melissa Dixon, Grand Ledge, MI

Jordan | Waverly High School

Senior PIctures Lansing MI

Rebecca, I would Like to thank you for taking such amazing photos. You’ve truly captured everything & more then we could have ever imagined . Jordan’s senior pictures are truly breath taking ! Amazing work ! ! Thank you 🙂    -Mashaun Trossel

Emily | Grand Ledge High School

Senior Pictures Lansing MI Grand Ledge

Rebecca is an amazing photographer! During the photo shoot Rebecca made everything feel natural. If you didn’t like a pose she would change it without hesitation. She brought out my personality in each photo. Rebecca Houlihan does not think outside the box…she thinks like there is no box.    -Emily Puffpaff

Senior PIctures Lansing Holt MI

Rebecca, thank you for being unique and special. Emily is a treasure. You have the ability of knowing just how to package such a gift. Emily’s senior pictures are like no other. We will cherish these for years to come. Thank you for giving us exactly what we wanted without having to ask for it.    -Casandra Puffpaff

Eric | Skyline High School

Decisions, decisions, picking a senior picture photographer can be stressful, but not for me! Knowing how incredibly talented Rebecca is, when the time came to decide who I wanted to take my senior pictures there was no hesitation. The day of the photo shoot went absolutely perfect. In every shot there was a perfect balance between what I wanted and what she knew would look good. The result was a plethora of breathtaking pictures that captured me better than I could have ever imagined. I can’t thank Rebecca enough for creating a portfolio of pictures that myself, my family, and hopefully someday my future kids will cherish forever.    -Eric Guldberg

Rebecca’s photography is extraordinary. The technical side of her work is textbook perfect. Where she surpasses others in her field is the creative side. She has that rare talent to pull the trigger at a magic moment. I recommend her highly to anyone who desires the best.    -Jim Guldberg

Amy | Dewitt High School

Rebecca was very professional and experienced. I had confidence in her eyes to set up the shot that brought out the best in me.
-Amy Chapman

Senior PIctures Lansing MI

Rebecca did a fabulous job, I attended the sessions and my eyes did not see all the little nuances Rebecca was able to capture.
-Mark Lipowski